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This is an example of a photo bubble. It is a interactive photo that you can look up, down and 360 degrees. It is taken at the NCSU exhibit of my father's folk art. If you want to see more folk art click here.

This is an example of the virtual tour I did for the Best Western Hotel in Downtown Atlanta. You can take virtrual tours of this street scene, rooms and beautiful courtyard.

Click to the left to see a sample of the documentary on the replication of Native American Pottery. These files are large so be patient please.
quicktime movie low res movie windows media player larger file  

Click to the left to see a sample of the CD designs of have done for recording artist such as Double Wide, Joe Woodson and Jason Marcum.

This is a 3D gallery. You can navigate around and look at some of my figure drawings there. If your browser asks for a plug-in click here and install. Please note be patient for all the files to load (it may take awhile depending on your connection speed).

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