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I work with the designers and developers with their plan maps, elevations and artistic renderings. These drawings help convey their ideas to their potential clients and investors.


This is a reconstruction of a slave row found in South Carolina based on the post holes and artifacts found at the archaeological site. I also work with for the History Workshop to see their web page click here.

Conceptual rendering for developers and marketing companies. Produced conceptual drawings for homes for web sites and brochures for marketing purposes .

This illustration of a Leopard Frog was one of a series of illustrations used on a nature trail so visitors could recognize different animals and plants on the trail during their nature walk.

I have been running the evening sketch groups at the Atlanta Artist Center for over 10 years. To see more examples of my art work please click here and follow the link.




While working on architectural commissions, I accent the ascetic aspects of the building. My jobs have included large mansions to a simple barn representing family and humble beginnings on the farm.

My historical architectural drawings are made to simply illustrate the function, unique architectural features and the construction of the building.

I currently work for Brockington and Associates, Inc. I work on illustrations for archaeological publications and displays. Most of my illustrations accent certain aspects of historic and prehistoric such as the design on this Native American pottery sherd.


. I have also done family portraits for years. People have given me photos of family members and I return sketch portraits to what ever specific size the customer wants.


Worked with many government agencies, engineering companies and developer coordinating GIS information for planning purposes. Including coordinating GIS and research information between 3 state offices.

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